For Your Viewing Pleasure

Welcome friendly viewers! Come in, sit a while, put your feet up and take a short break from reality.

This is the world of Jessica Leigh Phillips: Brooklyn-based writer, filmmaker, and artist with a love for all things fantastical, eccentric, or one of a kind.

A few years ago, I packed up my belongings and my fat, orange tabby cat and moved from Chicago (where I went to film school) to New York City in search of opportunities I knew I wouldn’t find in the mid-west. Since then, my life has been a whirl-wind of projects and inspiration; experiences good and bad that have made me stronger and helped me hone my craft.

This blog is dedicated to the various films, television projects and webisodes I have worked on over the past several years in a variety of ways–from art department to writing and directing, development to post production. The films range in style, but share a common ingredient: a hint of the magical.

The world of film has been my dream since I was a kid; come along on my journey, from past films to future projects.


Think Big!

Think Big!



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