Come Back, Mister DramaFever Drama Club

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Please Come Back, Mister! was an interesting and mostly enjoyable show. It was a bit of a departure from the typical K-drama, and the friendship between the two leads (in different bodies–it’s a long story) was AMAZING. Rain is hilarious, and I’m a new fan of Oh Yeon Seo! She was probably the best part of this whole drama. And her relationship with Lee Ha Nui (Song Yi Yeon) was soooooo steammmmmy. //drools// Loved that little bit of queer love in this.

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Cheese in the Trap Drama Fever Drama Club

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My group recaps of the sometimes frustrating and always entertaining Cheese in the Trap. Another interesting drama from TvN. Though many people were unhappy with the way the drama ended, I wasn’t too disappointed. Take a look.

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I will say I’m enjoying the Webtoon a bit more. If you want to check that, click on the link HERE.

The Kelly Kelly Files: Case #1.1 The Zoomba Caper

Jazzbo Productions, 2013.

The second submission to the New York Television Festival’s Web Series Pilot Competition. “The Zoomba Caper” is the first episode of another comedic web series based off an old short “The Morning After Kelly Kelly’s Career“. A cross between “Sunset Boulevard” and “Silence of the Lambs“, “Kelly Kelly” is a quirky black comedy centered around the brilliant improv of comedian Nate Stolldorf.

Watch the original source material and other comedic shorts HERE.

Candied Yams for Yancy the Saga: Episode 1, “Midwife to the Stars”

Jazzbo Productions, 2013.

The continuation of my surreal 2005 comedy, “Candied Yams for Yancy: The Resurrection“, “The Saga” is the beginning of a comedic web series, written, directed, and produced by yours truly. A 2013 New York Television Festival Webisode Pilot contender.

Link to the original film and other comedic and experimental shorts HERE.

Killing Time With Lizzie Boredom

Elizabeth J. Theis, 2013

With the ‘Killing Time’ comedy web series, I assisted in media relations/out reach. I was responsible for sending out press kits, networking on social media, and various other tasks assisting the comedian (writer, director) Lizzie Theis.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Welcome friendly viewers! Come in, sit a while, put your feet up and take a short break from reality.

This is the world of Jessica Leigh Phillips: Brooklyn-based writer, filmmaker, and artist with a love for all things fantastical, eccentric, or one of a kind.

A few years ago, I packed up my belongings and my fat, orange tabby cat and moved from Chicago (where I went to film school) to New York City in search of opportunities I knew I wouldn’t find in the mid-west. Since then, my life has been a whirl-wind of projects and inspiration; experiences good and bad that have made me stronger and helped me hone my craft.

This blog is dedicated to the various films, television projects and webisodes I have worked on over the past several years in a variety of ways–from art department to writing and directing, development to post production. The films range in style, but share a common ingredient: a hint of the magical.

The world of film has been my dream since I was a kid; come along on my journey, from past films to future projects.


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Think Big!