13 CreationsZ Web Series Trailer

13 CreationsZ and Jessica Leigh Phillips Productions, 2014.

Short preview into the world of artist Zartaj Jehaan and contemporaries. Discovering the urban art scene in Brooklyn.  A 13 Creationsz and Jessa Leigh Phillips collaboration..

Filmed in Brooklyn, NY.


El Diablo Des Cadaques

Jonathan Crayford, 2013.

“El Diablo Des Cadaques” is an independently produced original opera by creator Jonathan Crayford that was filmed all around the globe. I was script supervisor for the NYC portion of the shoot.

The Faithful

Jessica Leigh Phillips Films, 2010.

‘The Faithful’ is an experimental assemblage documentary film that focuses on the phenomenon of faith. Written produced and edited by Jessica Phillips.

View my other experimental films and surreal comedies HERE.

Exodus to Dimension 11

Somnium Cinema, Chicago 2010

Exodus to Dimension 11‘, is a sci-fi short dealing with inter-dimensional travel and forbidden love. Another film produced by my company and shot in the snowy expanses of Michigan’s upper peninsula. Once again, I was responsible for Art Direction and Costume Design. This film in particular required extensive special effects and specialty costumes–to this day, one of my most challenging accomplishments.

It Started With Lights

Somnium Cinema, Chicago 2009

‘It Started With Lights‘ is a cerebral sci-fi film dealing with the bond between two young brothers and the mystery of the stars. Produced by my own company, I was responsible for Art Direction and Costume Design, while my colleague and business partner Curtis Anthony Williams directed. This shoot had some tricky special effects involving an alien meteor falling to the country side.


Diamond Meadows

Jessica Leigh Phillips Films, 2008.

‘Diamond Meadows‘ is a short glam rock musical that pays homage to the films The Wizard of Oz and Velvet Goldmine. Written, produced, and directed by Jessica Phillips with original music by Donald Walker.

Premiered in the Spring 2009 Q Prize Film Festival. Showed at a contemporary art exhibit hosted by The Fused Muse in Fall 2009. Shot on 16mm.


Love in Chains

Columbia College Directing III, 2007.

On ‘Love in Chains’, I was the director, Melissa Marlette’s personal assistant. Essentially her right arm, I had a variety of roles from pre-production through post, that included assistant producing, casting, finding crew, and PA work on set.